Billy Bob's Wonderland is a small chain of 5 FEC restaurants operating in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio that has the Rock-afire Explosion animatronic show. The first location opened in 1992 in Charleston, West Virginia.

Show statusEdit

The animatronic show status varies by location. Some locations had the animatronic shows replaced with a Billy Bob live show with a walkaround Billy Bob costumed character.


  • Barboursville, West Virginia (animatronic show in poor condition)
  • Charleston, West Virginia (animatronic show recently refurbished)
  • Steubenville, Ohio (animatronic show SNBO since 2010; replaced with a Billy Bob live show)
  • McCandless, Pennsylvania (animatronic show in good condition)
  • Eire, Pennsylvania (animatronic show removed in 2011; replaced with a Billy Bob live show)