The CU 1-Stage M, or Circles of Light-CU 1-stage combo, is a new Chuck E. Cheese's stage designed by CEC Entertainemtn. It was first installed at the Leominster, Massachusetts location, replacing it's Studio C Cappa.

Concept Edit

This stage incorporates elements from the more recently-designed "Circles of Light" stage, as well as a video screen taking up the entire back wall. The stage also features the same full band as the previous CU stages, this time using refurbished parts from older 3-stages. Some older 3-stage props are also used on selected stages.

The stage is marketed as an upgrade for existing "Concept Unification" 1-stages, however new installations are being made for new locations that cannot afford their new Studio C Delta.

Installations Edit

Currently, it has been installed in the following locations:

United StatesEdit


  • Sefnu, Eruowood

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