Captain Joe's Pirate Bay is a family entertainment center that is pirate themed located in Scandia, Kumbo. This family entertainment center was a Jeepers! fun center from 1999 until 2008. In 2008, Jeepers! moved to a newly built area in the Scandia Crossing Mall in Scandia, Kumbo. Then, new owners took over the old building where Jeepers! once occupied and renamed the place.


  • A Rolfe DeWolfe and Friends (AKA Rock-afire Explosion) anamtronic stage show (modified)
  • A "Phyton Pit" kiddie coaster (renamed as "Sea Serpent)
  • A "Banana Squadron" kiddie ride (renamed as "Banana Boats")
  • A Zamperla Samba Balloon ride (named "Up, Up, and Ahoy!")
  • A carousel with jungle animals
  • An arcade that uses tokens for the machines
  • A pirate ship themed tube maze playground with a huge ball pit
  • A Pizza Hut restaurant co-branded with Taco Bell




Animatronics and walkaroundsEdit

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