Chuck E. Cheese's Genesee, Michigan is a family entertainment center that opened in August 2016, situated at 7441 N Genesee Road in Genesee Charter Township, Michigan.

History Edit

A FEC by the name of Huckleberry Junction Playhouse Theater operated in the spot for years, and had the Daniel & The Dixie Diggers band.

In 2016, upon hearing of HJPT calling themselves an alternative to CEC's, the Japanese company Kabushiki Gaisha ABS swiftly annexed Huckleberry Junction Playhouse Theater, closing it down with immediate effect. The Kabushiki Gaisha ABS Southwest Annexe (located in Irving, Texas) was in the process of converting it to a Chuck E. Cheese's family entertainment center and restaurant.

A specially-made 2-stage "Munch's Make Believe Band" will be featured at this location, with a special tuxedo Chuck E. animatronic lifted from storage.

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