Leo Lion's Circus Fun Restaurant is a family entertainment center located in Arlington, Texas.

History Edit

This location dates back to 1983 when it first opened as a Circus Playhouse & Food Emporium and had a the Circus Playhouse Band animatronics. The characters were named Lionel the Friendly Lion, Charlie Chimp, Lola the Leopard, Tex S. Tiger, Barney Bear, Ellie Elephant, Gerry Giraffe, and Batt E. Bird. In 1990 the Arlington Circus Playhouse & Food Emporium closed down, but later reopened under new ownership under the name of Leo Lion's Circus Fun Restaurant.

On February 28th, 2017, Circus Playhouse & Food Emporium sent their Circus Playhouse Band animatronics to Leo Lion's for parts.







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