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Chuck E. Cheese's Crawfordville, FloridaChuck E. Cheese's Cromwell, ConnecticutChuck E. Cheese's Crystal River, Florida
Chuck E. Cheese's Defuniak Springs, FloridaChuck E. Cheese's Del Rio, TexasChuck E. Cheese's Destin, Florida
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Chuck E. Cheese's Fairbanks, AlaskaChuck E. Cheese's Fort Walton Beach, FloridaChuck E. Cheese's Frankfort, Kentucky
Chuck E. Cheese's Galax, VirginiaChuck E. Cheese's Genesee, MichiganChuck E. Cheese's Glasgow, KY
Chuck E. Cheese's Hamilton, MTChuck E. Cheese's Henrietta, NYChuck E. Cheese's Homosassa Springs, FL
Chuck E. Cheese's Iuka, MississippiChuck E. Cheese's Jackson, NJChuck E. Cheese's Key West, Florida
Chuck E. Cheese's King Plaza HotelChuck E. Cheese's Kohler, IndianaChuck E. Cheese's Leonidas Street
Chuck E. Cheese's Lorain, OhioChuck E. Cheese's Los Gatos, CaliforniaChuck E. Cheese's Lucedale, MS
Chuck E. Cheese's Lynn Haven, FloridaChuck E. Cheese's Magna, UtahChuck E. Cheese's Marathon, Florida
Chuck E. Cheese's Marianna, FloridaChuck E. Cheese's Mayfield AvenueChuck E. Cheese's McLean, Virginia
Chuck E. Cheese's Mentor, OhioChuck E. Cheese's Meridian, MississippiChuck E. Cheese's Milton, Florida
Chuck E. Cheese's Minneapolis, MinnissippiChuck E. Cheese's Navarre, FloridaChuck E. Cheese's Niagara Falls, New York
Chuck E. Cheese's Oak Brook, IllinoisChuck E. Cheese's Orlando, FloridaChuck E. Cheese's Otis, Eruowood
Chuck E. Cheese's Pace, FloridaChuck E. Cheese's Panama City Beach, FloridaChuck E. Cheese's Philasburgh
Chuck E. Cheese's Pinellas Park, FloridaChuck E. Cheese's Pittston, PAChuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Park
Chuck E. Cheese's Port St. Joe, FloridaChuck E. Cheese's Pottsdam, New YorkChuck E. Cheese's Providence, Rhode Island
Chuck E. Cheese's Queensbury, New YorkChuck E. Cheese's Raymus, MantadahoChuck E. Cheese's Rome, Georgia
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Chuck E. Cheese's Sefnu, EruowoodChuck E. Cheese's Shianatu CityChuck E. Cheese's Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
Chuck E. Cheese's Southgate, MichiganChuck E. Cheese's Steubenville, OhioChuck E. Cheese's Suffolk, Virginia
Chuck E. Cheese's Talladega, AlabamaChuck E. Cheese's Terre Haute, IndianaChuck E. Cheese's The Villages, Florida
Chuck E. Cheese's Washington Drive (Bangor)Chuck E. Cheese's Williston SquareChuck E. Cheese's Wilmington, North Carolina
Chuck E. Cheese's Winston, SCChuck E. Cheese's York, PAChuck E. Cheese's Youngstown, Ohio
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File:Awesome Adventure Machine.pngFile:BK Azara Mall DFW.jpegFile:Ball pit.jpg
File:Ballocity ball pit.jpgFile:Banana Sqaudron.jpgFile:Barney coin-op ride.jpg
File:Barney tractor coin-op ride.jpgFile:Barrels of Fun.JPGFile:Batman Forever Batmobile coin-op ride.jpg
File:Batman and Robin batcave coin-op ride.jpgFile:Battletoads arcade game.jpgFile:Beach Bowzers animatronics.jpg
File:Beachbear lg.jpgFile:Bert and Ernie car coin-op ride.jpgFile:Big Dog Pounder arcade game.jpg
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File:CEC-PTT balcony stage.jpgFile:CEC 1-Stage (conversion from Balcony).pngFile:CEC Cyclone Jr. arcade game.jpg
File:CEC Road Stage.pngFile:CEC Tuxedo Cyberamic.pngFile:CEC helicopter bike.jpg
File:CEC skee ball.jpgFile:CEC toddler zone.jpgFile:CGvI9Ou.jpg
File:Candy crush saga arcade game (with prize door).jpgFile:Candy crush saga arcade game (with spinner).jpgFile:Captain's Claw machine game.jpg
File:Caterpilla toddler crawl tube.jpgFile:Chance flying bobs ride.jpgFile:Chatty Chuck E. arcade game.jpg
File:Choo-Cho animatronic.jpgFile:Chuck E. Cheese's Baby Ball Bath.jpgFile:Chuck E. Cheese's Cartoon Time Theater.png
File:Chuck E. Cheese's Fun House.jpgFile:Chuck E. Cheese's Memory Match! arcade game.jpgFile:Chuck E. Cheese's Tinker Tubes.png
File:Chuck E. Cheese's cotton candy machine.pngFile:Chuck E. Cheese Circus van coin-op ride.jpgFile:Chuck E. Cheese Cyberamic Animatronic.png
File:Chuck E. Cheese Portrait Animatronic (1978-1980).jpgFile:Chuck E. Cheese Skytubes.jpgFile:Chuck E. Cheese coin-op car ride (Rockstar).jpg
File:Chuck E. Cheese trolley coin-op ride.jpgFile:Chuck E. circle (1989-1995).pngFile:Clapper Board.jpg
File:Clear crawl tube.JPGFile:Clown blaster arcade game.jpgFile:Coca Cola Freestyle machine.jpg
File:Cruisin' Exotica arcade game.gifFile:Cruisin' USA arcade game.jpgFile:Cruisin' World arcade game.jpg
File:Cyclone arcade game.jpgFile:DSCI0435.JPGFile:DSCI0436.JPG
File:DSCI0437.JPGFile:DZ roller slide.jpgFile:Defender arcade game.jpg
File:Dog Pounder arcade game.jpgFile:Dolli Dimples Cyberamic.jpgFile:Donkey Kong.jpg
File:Donkey Kong Jr. arcade game.jpgFile:Donkey Kong arcade game.jpgFile:Dook lg.jpg
File:Double Dragon arcade game.jpgFile:Download.jpegFile:Dragon's Lair II arcade game.jpg
File:Dragon's lair-0.jpgFile:Dragon's lair.jpgFile:Dragon Wagon kiddie coaster.jpg
File:Example.jpgFile:Fast and the Furious Super Bikes arcade game.pngFile:Fast and the Furious arcade game.jpg
File:Fatz lg.jpgFile:Flintstones car coin-op ride.jpgFile:Four head helicopter light.jpg
File:Fred Flinstone's Memory Match arcade game.jpgFile:Frog Hopper ride.jpgFile:Galaga arcade game.jpg
File:Gerstaluer spinning coaster (model 380).pngFile:Get02.jpgFile:Go Gator kiddie coaster.jpg
File:Grand ol flag.jpgFile:Gravity Hill arcade game.pngFile:HTB1V1GHKVXXXXbPXFXXq6xXFXXXV.jpg
File:Hammerhead arcade game.jpgFile:Hampton boats kiddie ride.jpgFile:Hampton dune buggies kiddie ride.jpg
File:Hampton motorcycles kiddie ride.jpgFile:Hampton sports cars kiddie ride.jpgFile:Helen Henny Cyberamic.png
File:Hungry Hungry Hippos arcade game.jpgFile:Huss Top Spin ride.JPGFile:Hydro Thunder arcade game.jpg
File:Ice Ball arcade game.gifFile:Icee Mix It Up! machine.jpgFile:Jasper 1st-generation.jpg
File:Jasper T. Jowls animatronic.pngFile:Jett Rider.jpgFile:JimPlay-2.jpg
File:Joust arcade game.jpgFile:Jumping pillow.jpgFile:KFC playground.png
File:KMG Fireball ride.jpgFile:Kangaroo Hopper ride.jpgFile:Ken Chuck E Derby arcade game.jpg
File:Kiddie Coaster ride.jpgFile:Kiddie bumper boats ride.jpgFile:Koala Kare baby changing table (vertical mount).jpg
File:Kung Fu Panda Dojo Mojo arcade game.jpgFile:Laser hunting game.jpgFile:Laser tag arena.jpg
File:Lethal Enforcers.jpgFile:Looneybird lg (1).jpgFile:M8VsmAy.jpg
File:MB5aqi4 (3).jpgFile:ManègeLR1.jpgFile:Mario Kart Arcade GP 2 game.jpg
File:Maxresdefault (31).jpgFile:McDonalds Azara Mall DFW.jpegFile:Mega Man The Power Battle arcade game.jpg
File:Minecraft arcade game.jpgFile:Mini Himalaya ride.jpgFile:Mitzi lg.jpg
File:Monoply arcade game.jpgFile:Moon animatronic.pngFile:Mount Chuckmore picture.jpg
File:Mr. Munch Cyberamic.pngFile:Mr. Potato Head coin-op ride.jpgFile:Ms. Pac-Man arcade game.jpg
File:Multicade.jpgFile:Munch 1st-generation (1).jpgFile:Munch Jr.png
File:Mushroom waterfall.jpgFile:NBA Hoop Troop arcade game.jpgFile:NES Play Choice 10 (Super Mario Bros.).jpg
File:NFL 2 Minute Drill arcade game.jpgFile:Narc5.jpgFile:Neo Geo MVS.jpg
File:Net crawl tubes.jpgFile:Nicktoons Nitro arcade game.pngFile:Nicktoons Racing arcade game.png
File:Night Hawk coin-op ride.jpgFile:Noble romans pizza logo.jpgFile:Nutting-ComputerSpace-Yellow-Restored2.JPG
File:Nutting ComputerSpace-Blue.JPGFile:OjrIiwN.jpgFile:Operation Wolf arcade game.jpg
File:Operation arcade game.JPGFile:Orient Express kiddie coaster.jpgFile:Oscar the Grouch car coin-op ride.jpg
File:PC020568.JPGFile:PTT Ticket Muncher machine.pngFile:PabsNwe.jpg
File:Pac-Man Battle Royale arcade game.jpgFile:Pac-Man arcade game.jpgFile:Pacman.jpg
File:Partytimepizza.pngFile:Pasqually Cyberamic.pngFile:Pasqually Portrait Animatronic (1977-1980).jpg
File:Pepsi Spire machine.jpgFile:Phase 3 showroom sign.jpgFile:Pizzacam.jpg
File:Police helicopter coin-op ride.jpgFile:Popeye Arcade.jpgFile:Primal Rage.jpg
File:PrimeStarDish.jpgFile:Prop-antioch lg.jpgFile:Punch bag maze.jpg
File:Python Pit.jpgFile:RAE frog animatronic.jpgFile:Ra0hQfY.jpg
File:Radar Scope arcade game.jpgFile:Ranger.JPGFile:Ride on stuffed animals.jpg
File:Robot Bop.jpgFile:Rock-afire Explosion magic stage.jpgFile:Rock-afire Explosion mini-stage.jpg
File:Rock-afire Explosion stage.jpgFile:Rocker stage.pngFile:Rocket ship coin-op ride.jpg
File:Rolfe and Eral.jpgFile:SDLXandMarqeeRenderNEW copy.jpgFile:Sb02.png
File:Scrambler ride.jpgFile:Silver-strike-bowling-ped.jpgFile:Six head helicopter light.jpg
File:Skee Ball.jpgFile:Skeeball.jpgFile:Sky Fighters kiddie ride.jpg
File:Skycoaster.jpgFile:Small soft play jungle gym.jpgFile:Sneaker Keeper.jpg
File:Sneaker Keeper (CEC).jpgFile:Space Jam pinball.jpgFile:Spider-Man car coin-op ride.jpg
File:Spider-stompin-large.pngFile:Spin Zone bumper cars ride.jpgFile:SpongeBob Pineapple arcade game.jpg
File:Star Wars Battle Pod arcade game (2 player).pngFile:Star Wars Racer arcade game.jpgFile:Star Wars arcade game.jpg
File:Street Fighter Alpha 2 arcade game.jpgFile:Street Fighter II Championship Edition arcade game.jpgFile:Street Hoops arcade game.JPG
File:Strike-U-Up game.jpgFile:Studio C Alpha.pngFile:Studio C Beta.jpg
File:Super Off Road arcade game.jpgFile:Superman coin-op ride.jpgFile:Swamp Stomp arcade game.jpg
File:Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Drop.JPGFile:Teletubbies coin-op ride.jpgFile:The Price Is Right Shell Game arcade game.jpg
File:The Simpsons Cupcake Contest arcade game.jpgFile:The Simpsons Soccer arcade game.jpgFile:The Simpsons pinball.jpg
File:Thomas the Tank Engine coin-op ride.jpgFile:TokenTown (3).JPGFile:Tombstone pizza vending machine.jpg
File:Tootsie parody poster.pngFile:Untitled.pngFile:Wacky Ducks 99-01 85893.1320266383.1280.1280.jpg
File:Wacky Gator arcade game.jpgFile:Warblettes animatronics.jpgFile:Water Blast arcade game.jpg
File:Web crawler.jpgFile:Where A Kid Can Be A Kid sign.pngFile:Wiki.png
File:Winter X-Games SnoCross arcade game.jpgFile:Wizard of Oz coin pusher game.jpgFile:X-Men arcade game.jpg
File:X0uVH61.jpgFile:Xd-darkride.jpgFile:YbwUZRC (1).jpg
File:Zamperla Crazy Bus.jpgFile:Zamperla Crazy Bus (Crazy Submarine).jpgFile:Zamperla Crazy Bus (Fire Chief).jpg
File:Zamperla Magic Bikes ride.jpgFile:Zamperla Min Jet ride (animals).jpgFile:Zamperla Old Timer kiddie train ride.jpg
File:Zamperla Samba Balloon ride.jpgFile:Zamperla flying tea cups.jpg