Mitzi Mozzarella's Pizza Time Funhouse is a FEC/restaurant located in the Wimbledon Mills Mall in Wimbledon Bay, Florida.


Mitzi Mozzarella's Pizza Time Funhouse dates back to 1985 when it was a Showbiz Pizza location. In 1989 new owners bought the place and changed its name to "Mitzi Mozzarella's Pizza Time Funhouse".

Show statusEdit

Mitzi Mozzarella's Pizza Time Funhouse has a Rock-afire Explosion animatronic stage show that was originally three stages with Rolfe DeWolfe and Billy Bob. In 1992 the stage was remodeled as one stage and Rolf DeWolf and Billy Bob were removed.

Galleries for Mitzi Mozzarella's Pizza Time FunhouseEdit



Animatronics and walkaroundsEdit


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