Studio C Delta is an animatronic showstage designed by CEC-ABS Entertainment, Inc.

History Edit

After CEC Entertainment's many years of successful implementation of the "Studio C" series of animatronic showstages (Alpha, Beta and Cappa), in 2016 it was suggested that a brand-new redesigned version be made.

In June 2016, Japanese company Kabushiki Gaisha ABS took over CEC Entertainment and its subsidiaries. ABS immediately began work on the Studio C Delta and debuted it in its brand-new location in Shinjuku (the first ever Chuck E. Cheese's in Japan).

Concept Edit

The Studio C Delta's design integrates elements from the existing Studio C stages, the "Circles of Light" stage and one of ABS' news studios in Tokyo. Its design is modeled after that of a modern television studio.

The stage features a 32-movement Chuck E. bot, all-round LED lighting, a curved LED video screen wall, and CEC-ABS' brand-new Pizzacam HD, complete with video recording capability.

A dedicated compartment for the Ticket Blaster is also cut into the wall.

Some locations have in addition to the 32-movement Chuck E. bot one or additional animatronic characters (usually Mr. Munch and/or Munch Jr.).

The Russellville, KY location has a 16-movement Chuck E. bot instead of the 32-movement bot.



  • Otis, Eruowood

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